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Fundació privada ADA Món Adivasi


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Meet the Adivasi People and  and help us to improve their living conditions in their communities


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Art Gallery

The Vila Llorens brothers, Georgina, Elisenda and Roger, wanted to share the artistic legacy of their parents, the artists Carme Llorens i Gilabert and Jordi Vila Rufas, with all the friends of the ADA Món Adivasi Foundation. Their wish is that this legacy can help finance the projects that the Foundation develops with the Adivasi population. That is why we have planned that all the extraordinary donations we receive will be able to enjoy one of their works, which you can choose in order, depending on stocks (they are unique works) and the amount of the donation.
19 and 20 of November we will have an exhibition with all the work and you will be able to collect the works chosen by you. It will be a good excuse to meet all the friends of ADA Mon Adivasi, after this pandemic break.
Altarpieces, paintings, drawings, engravings, enamels and some sculpture. All the work is displayed on the website; you will be able to get the work done by making the suggested donation. You will also find detailed information on the life and work of the artists on the website.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a donation to the Foundation and enjoy one of the magnificent works of the artists.

Solidary families, thank you very much.

You will be able to visit soon the ADA Mon Adivasi Solidarity Art Gallery.

Projects that will begin development on April 1, 2021 and end on March 30, 2023.

Nandurbar: Jan Seva Mandal
Improving Quality in Adivasi Childrens Education (IQACE)

Mangaon: Amardeep Charitable Trust

Shirpur: The Shirpur Vishwa Mandal Sevashram
Vishwa Mandal Sevashram Boys Boarding

Nashik: Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal

Varasgaon: Institute of Social Service (Jeevan Dhara)
Social Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihood Initiatives for the Katkari Tribals in Raigad Maharashtra

Vasai: Jivhalla Assumption Social Center
Holistic and Sustainable Development of Migrated Tribals through Educational and Empowerment Programs

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