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In memoriam Perico

 "Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life"

This is how Perico lived all his life


 If you want to send any text, poem or memory from Perico, send it to us. We will be delighted to publish it in this memory place for Perico

A farewell

Peter of the MPSM

Was a legend of his time

With funds and plans so full of life

He worked far past his prime

             Godfrey D'Lima June 2019

The Legend of Perico

the legend of Perico keeps living on

far from the world where once he was born

on hills and in valleys,  over fields and through streams

Perico reached out in quest of his dreams

crafting creation with passionate care

contouring the hillslopes and greening the bare


                                Godfrey D'Lima, July 2017

ANNEX: legend_of_pericoreyeshouse.docx   (docx 602450)
Cherished memories of Perico Massanet, SJ

Cherie Demerie

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