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Who they are

The Adivasis are the descendents of the first inhabitants of India. These tribes live in villages located In the hills and mountains, isolated from the rest of society. The majority of them suffer serious marginalizing problems.

The typical family is made up of five or six people. Usually two families will share a small hut. There are few villages with electricity or drinkable water, the sanitary conditions are extremely precarious, the closest clinics are located several kilometers away and they can only be reached by walking.

Until not too long ago, the Adivasi lived from hunting and harvesting, but now, the country's strong industrial growth is threatening their life style. New urban centers are developing around the big industrial complexes and the Adivasi people found themselves more and more discriminated, and have extreme difficulty adapting to the new situation. The forests and jungle where they used to find the necessary means for a sustainable existence are disappearing.