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Shirpur: The Shirpur Vishwa Mandal Sevashram
Vishwa Mandal Sevashram Boys Boarding

The Shirpur Vishwa Mandal Sevashram
Amode, Taluka Shirpur, District Dhule, Maharashtra 425405, India
Fr Constancio Rodriguea sj (organització)
Fr Avinash Dandekar sj (projecte)

Beneficiaries: 18 adivasi boys
Budget 2270 Euros/year

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Shirpur Taluka can be divided into the fertile plains of the Tapi and Arunavati rivers and the hills of Satpura Range. The Adivasi tribes of the Pawara inhabit the hills of Shirpur. Its main occupation is rainfed agriculture; Shirpur is an area of ??low rainfall and its crops are limited to cereals that require less water. Pawara families have no other means of subsistence than to work as seasonal migrants in boulevards, cane harvesting or construction work in the cities.

Visha Mandal Sevashram has been working for the last 50 years in social and development activities of the Pawara community. It has been 40 years since the boarding school began to give the opportunity to educate children from inland villages. Today the government has primary schools in many of these towns, although their quality is another issue. The SVMS boarding school allows Adivasis children who have completed primary school in their villages to pursue secondary education in English and Marathi and to be able to compete with children of higher castes from urban centers.


  a) Support for the maintenance in the boarding school of the 18 adivasi boys
  b) Support and reinforcement of their education (students of V-X course)
  c) Supplementary classes in mathematics, English and computer science
  d) Promote them financially
  e) Empowerment program for young people and their community.