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Nandurbar: Jan Seva Mandal
Improving Quality in Adivasi Childrens Education (IQACE)

Jan Seva Mandal, Korit Road, Nandurbar 425412, Maharashtra, India
Fr.Godfrey D?Lima, SJ, Director of Educational Programmes

a) Improve quality of Adivasi Children?s Education at the grass root without duplicating government systems.
b) Train local Adivasi Youth to themselves conduct educationally supportive programmes for children and the wider Adivasi community
c) Introduce innovative Teaching-Learning Pedagogy for Adivasi learners using specially developed Pictorial Teaching Aids, Handbooks, Syllabus Systems, etc.
d) Bring advanced Digital Technology to the Learning Environment of the poor student
f) Engage the Adivasi Community in the Learning Programmes including Livelihood and Indigenous Health Traditions

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