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Vasai: Jivhalla Assumption Social Center
Holistic and Sustainable Development of Migrated Tribals through Educational and Empowerment Programs

Assumption Sisters, Plot No. 17, Nagar Road, Pune 411006, Maharashtra
Sr. Deepti Srankal, Director, Jivhalla Assumption Social Centre

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The main objective is  the integral and sustainable development of the tribal villagers through educational and empowerment programs with special attention for social change with right based approach and need based interventions.

8.1. Sustainable development of tribal women

A). Seasonal migrants[addition to the previous project]

Ø  To transform women into active agents in economy of their families and contribute to the welfare of the villages

Ø  To reduce malnutrition and make women and children immune to certain serious sicknesses through health care programmes

Ø  To empower them by providing necessary support in their need

B). Sustainable development of tribal women who are stablemigrants [continuation of the project]

Ø  Through SHG?s :

Ø  To promote savings, encourage inter-loaning to stop loan from bank and other sources which make them bonded to them

Ø  Intelligent management of finance and financial institutions

Ø  Make them responsible for their growth and to be cautious of outsiders who come  in the name of development

Ø  To realize their human dignity, status and their  worth as citizens

Ø  Through Training programmes :

Ø  To foster leadership through village council (Gram Sabha) which will enable them to participate in political decision making

Ø  To develop the human potentials within them through different techniques so that they become maximum productive for community development

Ø  To make them leaders in different fields and to take responsible decisions for their family and community

Ø  To empower the women to become the agents of social change in the society

Ø  To strengthen community based organization to demand their entitlement from the government

Ø  To empower the Adivasi women socially, economically, culturally and religiously for sustainabile development

8.2. Children and youth

Ø  To reduce school drop outs and help children complete their education through quality educational programmes

Ø  To develop in them skills which will give them proper jobs in future

Ø  To foster quality education through innovative teaching and learning for Adivasi and Dalit communities.

Ø  To train children to be change agents through children?s parliament

Ø  To promote love of learning and develop them as children of our country with their unique culture and traditions

Ø  To promote healthy characters with future oriented life and vision

Ø  To conscientize children about the realities of the present time:  socio-econonic, political situation of the country and  train them to be agents of change in the society 

Ø  To promote sustainable health