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Pilar Sopeña passed away

 Today, September 28th, our dear Pilar passed away at 93, surrounded by her loving family.

Pilar Sopeña was one of the main founders of ADA. She served most of her years as President and since Federico´s passing as Honorary President.

She was the mother of the project and exercised her duties as long as her health allowed her to do so. Pilar always had a positive outlook on life; she was generous and always encouraged others to be at their best. She was a good listener; her door was always open to everyone; she was a very social being blessed with an ever growing family. She was sensitive and respectful of the younger generation, with a vision open to all sensibilities. That is why she loved the Adivasis, their culture and traditions in harmony with Fede, despite the distance.

The ADA board and board of trustees want to share our grief and accompany the entire family in their mourning.

We will miss your hug, your smile, your advice.

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