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Fundació ADA per al Desenvolupament dels Adivasis



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Last may 7th Quico Gusi  passed away. 
Quico was one of the foundational members of ADA since its start 20 years ago. His footprint has been deep.
He was always very active, he always had a similar life approach to Fede; promoting peace and non-violence. He also kept a strong compromise with the NGO FundiPau. He used to share his experiences, his thoughts, and his contributions concerning ethical topics; which were of the utmost importance to highlight cooperation and solidarity values. He has been a cornerstone of the growth of ADA.
He was a good colleague, a good friend, always beloved. We will search for your help whenever we have doubts and dilemmas along the ADA´s path. 
Rest in peace.

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Very interesting article about the prevention actions done in Kerala to avoid SARS-COV2 propagation

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 Farewell to Perico

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SADA is looking for people, young men and women and retirees, in all disciplines and in all fields of work: social workers, secretaries, journalists, writers, artists, teachers, communicators in all media, particularly social media, scientists, doctors, anthropologists and others who can form part of a think tank and come up with fresh ideas.

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On 30th of September, Sr. Deepti was honoured  for the service to the pooor during the 8th Vasia Art and Cultural Celebration by Sahyog, a centre working for the development of Vasi. It was a great honour for Assumption Sisters in Vasai. 

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Finishing building the Karazgaon (Mumbai) V. Adivasi G. Elementary School, which suffered great damage from a terrible fire in 2016 is badly needed.

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